Artist’s Statement

A shooting style that extracts from a larger view a small piece of what we all see transforms the subject matter. However this is not an absolute requirement depending on the story to be told. Some of George’s work is shot out of doors but is not landscapes and some of my work is shot indoors.


George was born in the summer of ’48, the early days of the “Baby Boomers” as they came to be known. He survived a middle class existence in Scarborough Ontario and left at age 19 for university vowing never to return. He hasn’t.

At university, involvement in saving the world, ending war, peace symbols, long hair, a beard, folk concerts and the “summer of love” produced an education but not a degree. An interest in environmental issues has followed him all his life.

In 1973, George joined the work force, and retired as a Retail Business Manager in 2003 at age 55 from a 30 year career with Canada Post. The job took him to Kingston, Ottawa, Port Hope, Timmins and various Niagara Peninsula locations. At retirement, he managed 26 stores. Hastings is his retirement location of choice after research across Ontario.

George and Margaret married in 1976. They have a cat and no children.

Following retirement, photography called him. This resulted in a certificate in Applied Photography and in Creative Photography from Mohawk College, Hamilton in 2005; a Photo Arts Certificate from Haliburton School of The Arts, Haliburton in 2010 and a Visual and Creative Arts Diploma from Haliburton School of the Arts in 2012.